Activities that Seniors Can Engage in for Their Well-Being

There comes a time when seniors are no longer active in their daily lives. This is not good for their well-being since they could have isolation stress, depression related issues, and physical weakness. They need to stay active in order to eliminate or minimize age-related issues. There are plenty of activities that they can engage in.

  • They should engage in Mind-Challenging Activities

Just like the young, seniors need to engage in activities that will challenge their minds. This is not only about mental exercise but when they are with other people, they will feel better socially. Some of these games will even keep some skills in check while improving others such as strategic thinking and problem-solving skills. Some of these games are such as chess, bingo, monopoly and scrabble among others.

  • Logic Puzzles

Logic puzzles are another way to keep seniors’ minds engaged. No more dormant minds as these puzzles enhance lateral thinking. With regular practice of logic, the person is able to use the given information. It’s a great way to solidify their memories. There are books and a website where the puzzles can be accessed.

  • Read and Retell Stories

Reading increases our knowledge. It is the same case with the elderly. It is an excellent way to eliminate … Read the rest