3 Tips to Get the Most Cash Out Of Your Junk Car

Tip 1: Understand the value of your car

Before disposing of your junk car, check how much the car is worth. The following factors will give you a clue;

  • The number of pre-owners
  • Its depreciation over the period of time it has been in use or rather how long in terms of years the car has been running.
  • Its mileage-and this means miles  the car has covered
  • And finally the condition of the car considering how well the vehicle has been serviced.

A quick fact which many people don’t know is that the depreciation of your car isn’t entirely 100% dependent on the condition you leave the car in. The moment you leave the car dealership, your car loses its market value which is around 8-11% of the initial price. So don’t expect much if the car has serviced you for more than 5 years as then it’ll have depreciated by around 32-38% of the original price. But you can still get good cash if the parts and body are in good conditions.

Tip 2: Shop around for different buyers/ junkyards

Just like in all businesses, prices vary from junk yard to junkyard. Some car removal operators offer a higher price than others. So if you want to get the … Read the rest