How to Decipher Body Language

People say much with their body language. This is called the ‘unspoken language’ which can say much without any verbal communication. One best thing about learning how to interpret this language is the fact that you are able to tell what someone is trying to communicate.

Detecting a lie

When someone is telling a lie, they will not look at you but rather they keep shifting their gaze. They might not look anxious but they will be afraid to look you into the eyes afraid that you might detect they are lying.

Apart from the shifting gaze, be on the lookout for someone who keeps scratching their head or rubbing their nose while trying to convince you about something.

A Person is in Power

When you walk into a store or an office and you meet several staff members, it can be hard to tell who is in power without asking or seeing them in a secluded office. One way you can tell a person in power is how they behave. From their facial expression to how they sit, they look relaxed than all the rest.

A Person is Interested in a Conversation

When a person you are conversing with looks away as you talk or nods their head fast, Read the rest