Why is Frequent Sex Good for Your Health?

We are born to have sex. We are products of sex. Sex is everywhere around us and guesses what? It has a positive influence on our health.

Isn’t it great to do something you enjoy and improve your health as well? Of course, it is! Some people avoid frequent sex for many reasons. However, they clearly don’t know the benefits of having sex every day.

Okay. It doesn’t have to be every day, but every second day, or at least one a week. Why? Keep reading and find out the amazing health benefits of sex.

Having frequent sex will reduce your stress and depression

One of the biggest health benefits of sex is lowered blood pressure. Apparently having frequent sex plays a major part in stress reduction.

Frequent sex boosts your immunity and helps you fight diseases

Having sex every day or at least once/twice a week increases the level of an antibody called immunoglobulin. This antibody protects you from getting colds and infections. However, that’s not everything! Apparently, frequent sex will also reduce the chance of getting cancer, prevent heart diseases and some of the common mental illnesses.

Do you want to lose weight? Have frequent sex!

According to experts, having sex for at least half an hour burns approximately 85 calories! Can you believe it? Do you want to become skinnier? Have frequent sex!

Are you feeling pain? Have frequent sex!

Aside from helping you lose weight, frequent sex is the cure for any pain you feel right now. The process is next: you have sex and the hormone oxytocin is released. After, your endorphins increases and the pain you feel reduces.

Are you facing insomnia and have a hard time to fall asleep at night? Guess what’s the solution to your problem? That’s right – sex!

If you avoid orgasm during sex and do it mechanically, it’s time for a change, especially if you face insomnia. Apparently, the oxytocin that’s been released during your orgasm will solve your sleeping problem. However, how could you know when you avoid frequent sex and orgasm?

Sex keeps you young and helps women become more beautiful

That’s right ladies! However, before revealing how sex contributes your beauty, let’s first explain how it keeps you young. According to recent studies, people who have frequent sex life a longer and happier life. During sex, endorphins are released and boost the skin production of vitamin D. This leads to the conclusion that sex keeps your skin looking young and beautiful.

As for the ladies and their beauty, during sex, their body produces the hormone estrogen in large amounts. These hormones make their skin more elastic and smoother, while their hair becomes shinier. That’s not everything! Sweating during sex also has its benefits – cleaning the pores and creating glowing skin.

Frequent sex improves fertility and reduces the risk of prostate cancer

Not only that frequent sex takes care of the regulation of menstrual cycles that improve fertility, it also prevents cancer. According to studies, the man who ejaculate approximately 21 times per month lower the risk of prostate cancer.