An Australian Comedian Killing Causes Social Media Outcry

Safety is a matter of concern today but there are areas that are considered relatively safe and Melbourne, Australia is one of them. Despite the city being safe, a young comedian was recently killed when walking home from a performance.  

Eurydice Dixon, a female comedian aged 22 lifeless bodies were found at Princes Park on Tuesday. A passerby saw the body and alerted the police who later said there would be a patrol in the area. 

Social Media Outcry 

There are several things about the murder of the comedian that has led to a loud social media outcry. One is the fact that Melbourne is considered safe but such a heinous crime still happened and the second one is the words of authorities while addressing the issue.  

A superintendent from Victoria police told the community that they should be responsible for their own safety. This did not go very well with many people who took to social media to condemn the statement from the police. 

In September 2012, Gill Meagher, an Irish woman aged 29 was raped and killed in Melbourne a killing that angered many.  Many vigils were held in her honor and there are vigils already planned for Dixon. On Monday, there will be a vigil at the park where her body was discovered. In her honor and as a sign of respect, performances in several comedy rooms were suspended. 


19-Year Old Suspect Arrested 


A 19-year old suspect by the name Jaymes Todd was arrested in connection with the rape and murder. Mr. Todd who presented himself to the police was charged on suspicion of two counts, one for murder and the other one for rape.  


He was arrested after his photo was circulated but the authorities said they will not be showing in public until some things are sorted out. The man is from Broadmeadows, Melbourne. The authorities need more information on his autism disorder. The suspect will remain in custody until October. 


Police Minister Assures the Public of Safety 

Lisa Neville, the Victoria Police minister said that the statement from the police meant that women should be aware of the risks that they face. She also added that the work of the police was to create awareness about the risks that people face. 


As the country continues to mourn the comedian, tributes have been paid from across the country. She has been termed by many as an amazing, kind and incredible woman.