3 Tips to Get the Most Cash Out Of Your Junk Car

Tip 1: Understand the value of your car

Before disposing of your junk car, check how much the car is worth. The following factors will give you a clue;

  • The number of pre-owners
  • Its depreciation over the period of time it has been in use or rather how long in terms of years the car has been running.
  • Its mileage-and this means miles  the car has covered
  • And finally the condition of the car considering how well the vehicle has been serviced.

A quick fact which many people don’t know is that the depreciation of your car isn’t entirely 100% dependent on the condition you leave the car in. The moment you leave the car dealership, your car loses its market value which is around 8-11% of the initial price. So don’t expect much if the car has serviced you for more than 5 years as then it’ll have depreciated by around 32-38% of the original price. But you can still get good cash if the parts and body are in good conditions.

Tip 2: Shop around for different buyers/ junkyards

Just like in all businesses, prices vary from junk yard to junkyard. Some car removal operators offer a higher price than others. So if you want to get the best value for your car, simply shop around. The car junker that offers better terms will most definitely be the best and only option.  The distance between you and the junkyard is something you should put into consideration as well. If for example you opt for an out-of-town dealer, you might end spending a lot of money on fuel or towing services. So, the nearer the junkyard, the better the returns.

Tip 3: Make and model of the car

The make and model of your car is a major determinant of how much money you’ll get. The older the car model, the less money you’ll receive. The reason being; the car parts might be outdated and are no match for the newer models which are far more enhanced, technologically and electronically speaking.

The make of the vehicle is also important considering many yards don’t prefer top of the range vehicles since the value of the car parts is low. This is so because many high end car owners prefer purchasing the parts from recognized dealerships, not from the junkyards.